Our mission is to energize relationships between the global creative community and those who would profit from their talent. We are motivators and advocates of creative professionals.


ARTISTS are practitioners of many forms of creative expression. We are illustrators, photographers, art directors, sculptors, and many other disciplines of commercial art. Our work appears on giftware, decorative accessories, and stationery merchandise. Manufacturers can contact us for freelance projects. We will open our SCN WebGallery sometime soon. We're also going to publish an e-newsletter for members only. Let us know if you wish to become a member.

DESIGNERS apply their talents to creating new products, digital graphics, package design, and advertising programs. We can pilot a project from the ground up, or we can be can be hired to energize specific parts of ongoing programs. Sometimes we join with Andrew Abrams Associates to form a powerful collaborative team. Please contact us if you need a design development boost to your business.

INVENTORS come in all sizes and shapes. Some of us are very serious professionals and some are simply dedicated beginners. We're here to network with each other and to attract professionals with whom we can learn how to protect our properties and foster commercial understanding and strategies. Click here for advice for beginners. Please contact us if you would like to grow with us.

IDEA PEOPLE are not necessarily skilled in any form of artistic or business practices, but they are extraordinarily gifted in applied creativity. We're your neighbors, your dentist, your friend's friend, or anyone that you might least expect to be applying our imagination to artworks or new product ideas. SCN gives us a forum for learning about bringing our ideas to those who can help us to realize an income from licensing to manufacturers.

LICENSORS are agents and owners of artworks, trademarks, patents, and new product concepts. We have an inventory of intellectual properties and ideas that could keep any manufacturer's product development department buzzing for many years. Industry professionals have reviewed our projects. They have scrutinized the manufacturing feasibility as well as the marketing aspects of our work. Your product line can be greatly enhanced by contacting us to set up an exploratory meeting.

LICENSEES are manufacturers of innovative products. Some of us have been in business for many years; and some are fledgling entrepreneurs. In either case, we meet with people who can help us to create excitement in our respective industries. Licensing agents are always welcome; and folks with a better mousetrap can do business with us as well. We will constantly provide the SCN with feedback, from the marketplace, so that our creative membership can present focused projects to us.

AGENTS specialize in specific concept categories and specific industries. For example, Agent Andy (also known as Andrew Abrams, our founder) is well known in the Giftware and Decorative Accessories industries. We maintain powerful relationships with licensors and licensees alike. Some of us broaden our offering of services because we have know-how from various career paths such as industrial design. Some people mistakenly view a licensing agent solely as a salesperson. The fact is, sales are only one part of the job. SCN agents can help you to fine-tune your concept and presentation materials; create a business strategy; find manufacturers (Licensees); present the project; draft agreements; negotiate the license; manage the license; or coach you through a do-it-yourself program.

You can attend one of Andrew's workshops for designers and innovators. If you cannot find a nearby workshop on our Events list, we will be happy to try to schedule a workshop in a convenient location for you. Please contact us, if you would like to propose a location and topic.

MANUFACTURERS are vendors of parts and processes that bring ideas to life. Some of us can serve a startup business or large, established businesses with stock or custom-made items. Others provide turnkey operations that can take a raw concept all the way through to packaged merchandise. We connect with creatives and marketing companies through SCN forums and newsletters. If you seek commercial reality, all you have to do is ask us how we can help you.

PRODUCT DEVELOPERS can combine all of the troops of the SCN membership, or act individually. Whether we are providing a service that supplements your own abilities, or performs as an entire team, there is no job too small or large for us. Starting with prototypes and following through the assembly and packaging stages, we can give an inventor or marketing company peace of mind about producing a quality product and delivering the goods on time.

PATENT PROFESSIONALS help SCN members to avoid trouble. We are always available for one-on-one counseling. However, we spend a great amount of time in contributing to the SCN forum and newsletter. Our expertise is freely offered to resolve questions that are posted by our networking creatives. We are constantly seeking colleagues who specialize in unique aspects of the law so that our team can be well-rounded and always updated on evolving legislation and practices.

WORKSHOPS are for students, entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators. If you cannot find a nearby workshop on our Events list, we will be happy to try to schedule a workshop in a convenient location for you. Please contact us, if you would like to propose a location and topic.

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