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WORKSHOPS are important places to learn the tricks of the trade. They are also excellent venues for networking with the experienced professionals who lead them as well as others who are sharing the same pursuits as you. Click here for information on workshops that are helpful to artists, designers, and inventors.

TRADE SHOWS provide an overview of all of the products that are contained in specific industries. They are the best place to see some of the newest products that are not yet on retail shelves. Market research opportunities are numerous. Talking to CEOs, marketing managers, sales managers, sales representatives, product directors, art directors, and trade magazine editors can provide most of the information needed to evaluate concepts, designs, or artworks.

NETWORKING MEETINGS are useful for making connections for jobs, clients, partners, and learning valuable business techniques. Meetings will be listed here, in the near future. Please contact us about the groups that you are forming or attending. We'll list them.